Crime Prevention

MissionCollaboratively partner with residents and businesses by providing crime prevention techniques to deter criminal activity and help maintain a safe community. 
ProgramsIf you are interested in any of the crime prevention topics, please get in touch with the Community Outreach Unit at 630-960-8908.
  • Residential Security Inspection - An officer from the police department will come to your residence or business to inspect the residence and offer crime prevention suggestions.
  • Child Passenger Safety Seat Training - Sessions can be scheduled by appointment only and are available for Woodridge residents only. Call the Traffic Safety Unit at 630-719-6105 for details or to schedule an appointment.
  • Crime Prevention Techniques Presentation - The unit will present to businesses, neighborhood groups, and civic groups information on specific crime prevention topics or general information related to services provided by the police department. The crime prevention unit may also make arraignments to have a police officer with a squad car stop by block parties in Woodridge, as a block party application is required for such events.
  • Community Crime Watch Program - The unit will assist a neighborhood group in forming and operating a Community Crime Watch program.
  • Police Building Tours - Tours of the police facility and squad cars are provided for civic groups within Woodridge.
  • Crime Prevention Information - Adult and child crime prevention and safety brochures are available at the police station, and No Solicitor Signs and materials. Please call the Crime Prevention Unit at 630-960-8908 first to confirm availability.
  • Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT) - The Crime Prevention Unit offers SALT seminars to keep Seniors abreast of current scams and other crime prevention techniques.
  • Crime-Free Housing - The unit works with the Community Development Department to facilitate the Crime-Free Housing Program in the Village. Classes are available throughout the year at no cost to property rental owners; click here or contact Community Development at 630-719-4750 for the available class.