Human relations advisory committee overviewThe HRAC is a committee appointed by the Mayor and Village Board.  The Committee was created in January 2022 with the purpose of deepening understanding and facilitating meaningful connections and conversations around diversity, equity, equality, and inclusion. The goals of the Committee include:
  • Serving as champions of diversity, equity, equality, and inclusion in Woodridge
  • Providing an opportunity for dialogue and engagement
  • Increasing inclusive community connectedness in a meaningful and sustainable way
  • Identifying ways in which to celebrate our diverse community
Resolution 2022-06 Establishing the HRAC
Resolution 2020-81 Celebrating the Diversity of our Community and Affirming Commitment to Diversity, Equality, Equity, and Inclusion for All
History of Village of Woodridge Diversity Initiatives
Woodridge Demographic Snapshot
HRAC Agendas & MinutesView All HRAC Agendas & Minutes

  • Second Tuesday of every month
  • 6:00 p.m.
  • Mahlke Meeting Room at the Woodridge Public Library (Second Floor), 3 Plaza Drive

HRAC MEmbers

  • Debbie Collins
  • Christina Figueroa
  • Nand Garg
  • Jean Gasick
  • Dr. Dipak Ghosh, PhD
  • Suzanne Hammer
  • Mary Hobein
  • Erin Ludwick

  • Norma Lyons
  • Linda Miller
  • Lani Nishimura
  • Shatender Singh
  • Marinda Stopforth
  • Ryan Wiggins
  • Lawrence Whitman
  • Mary Williamson