Community roll call & Upcoming Events

Safety Seat Saturday 9.24.22 (1)

What is a roll call?

A roll call is a brief meeting at the start of every patrol shift (morning 0600 hrs, evening 1800 hrs) when police department supervisors meet with oncoming patrol officers to: take attendance, check equipment, and inform the oncoming shift of any important and relevant information.  A normal roll call is held in the Police department's squad room.

What is a community roll call?
At a community roll call, the officers and staff come to your location.  Community members will have the opportunity to meet officers, learn crime prevention tips, and discuss community safety.  This is a fun, and informative neighborhood event that highlights that strong partnerships create safe communities.

Are you interested in hosting a community roll call, see the attached flyer or email for more information. 
Community roll call flyer

Windsor Lakes (April 2022)
2022 Windsor Lakes Roll Call