Prevent Yard Flooding

PREVENT YARD FLOODINGWhen homes are built, the grade is pitched to take rainwater to a specific location - typically either to the street or to an existing storm catch basin or detention facility. In some cases it may require directing water to an adjacent lot (through a drainage easement) since it is against state law to divert storm water flow. A majority of flooding issues are created by homeowner improvements, which can include minor re-grading of lots, small or large retaining walls, raised planter beds, landscaping, home additions, pools, sheds and fences.

Homeowners need to evaluate existing drainage patterns prior to beginning any work, and it is best to work with a reputable contractor to assist with this. Homeowners are also asked to do their part by keeping drainage paths clear from debris or storage of material (i.e. firewood, landscape waste, children’s toys and construction materials). This will ensure that water will continue to flow as intended and will minimize the impact on your property and your neighbors.

Please contact the Community Development Department at 630-719-4750 before beginning work on your property that might impact drainage. The Village has compiled additional information related to grading in the Home Owner’s Guide to Residential Lot Grading