JULIE Utility Info

julie utility informationBefore you dig, get the dirt. Underground utilities exist everywhere, even in your yard. Whether you are a homeowner, contractor or excavator, digging without knowing where it's safe to dig can cause tremendous damage and even loss of lives. So get the scoop before you dig. Call 800-892-0123 or dial 811 at least two working days before the start of your work or enter your location request online at www.illinois1call.com.
What is JULIE?Also known as the Illinois One-Call System, JULIE is a free message service for homeowners and contractors to notify utility owners of planned digging activities to help prevent damage to underground facilities.
What Happens After the Call?Within two (2) working days from your call, representatives from each member utility, (not JULIE employees), will come out and mark the approximate location of their buried lines using the following color code. JULIE requests are valid for 28 days so flags and markings should not be removed before that time if work is not totally complete.
Utility Marking ColorsAccording to Illinois state law section 10, each utility company must use a specific color paint or flag to mark their buried facilities.
APWA Color Code Marking Colors
Gas, Oil, Petroleum
Telephone, TV
Reclaimed Water
Proposed Excavation
(Black when snow is present)
Temporary Survey