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code enforcement

Below is a convenient way to report a code violation to the Village.  Fill out the online form and it will be assessed by our Code Enforcement team.
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This page includes additional information related to regulations for common code enforcement requests.  Before submitting a request please review the information below as it relates to your concern.  

  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Building Address Required
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Dumpsters, Portable Self-Storage & Other Roll-Off Containers for Home Use
  • High Grass / Weeds
  • Off Street Parking
  • RV Parking
  • Storage of Unlicensed Vehicles
  • Vehicle Storage
Abandoned VehiclesAbandoned vehicles, inoperable or in a state of disrepair for more than seven (7) days, are not permitted on public / private property.
Building Address RequiredAll houses / buildings / structures shall be identified by an address clearly visible from the street and the minimum height of letters and numbers shall be four inches (4") set on a contrasting background.
Commercial VehiclesNo commercial vehicle bearing a class designation other than A or B shall be parked or stored in a residential district except when making a delivery or rendering a service at such premises.
Dumpsters, Portable Self-Storage Containers, & Other Roll-off Containers for Home Use
  • Roll-off containers designed for residential use such as dumpsters and portable self-storage containers* may be placed on a residential property if they are located a minimum of three feet from any property line. They may not be placed in the public right-of-way (the area between the public sidewalk and street).
  • Roll-off containers must be placed entirely on an impervious surface such as an asphalt driveway or concrete pad.
  • Roll-off containers are allowed for up to 14 consecutive days once per calendar year. If more time is needed, the Building Commissioner may allow for additional time up to a maximum of three additional 14 day time periods per calendar year. A property owner must obtain written permission in advance from the Building Commissioner for any time extensions.
  • Roll-off containers for the construction of a new building or renovation of an existing building may remain on the property through the duration of the construction or renovation only if a valid building permit has been issued for the construction or renovation. These roll-off containers must be removed before the Village will issue an occupancy permit.
*Portable self-storage containers are storage units designed and used exclusively for the storage of personal property and are designed to be delivered to a customer’s house for on-location packing and subsequent pick-up and delivery to a storage facility.
High Grass / WeedsProperty is to be maintained so grass / weeds do not exceed eight (8) inches in height.
Off-Street ParkingAll off-street parking areas must be paved with an impervious surface.
RV ParkingParking of Certain Vehicles in Residential Districts:
  • One recreational vehicle, one boat, two off-road vehicles or personal watercraft on a trailer, or one trailer may be parked or stored in any required interior side or rear yard on a lot used for single family purposes, provided none of the above may be occupied
  • No recreational vehicle, boat, off-road vehicle or personal watercraft on a trailer, or trailer may be parked or stored in any required front or exterior side yard:
    • Between the principal structure and the front lot line
    • Between the principal structure and any exterior side lot line
    • Closer to the front lot line than the principal structure (as measured on a line perpendicular to the front lot line from a point on the principal structure that is the shortest distance from the front lot line)
  • No recreational vehicle, boat, off-road vehicle or personal watercraft, or trailer having a height from the underside of the tire to the top of the vehicle, inclusive of load, exceeding nine (9) feet or a length exceeding twenty (20) feet, shall be parked, stored, or located on any single family residential lot
The zoning officer may grant a permit allowing the temporary parking or storage of one recreational vehicle or boat that exceeds the size limitations set forth in subsection four on the driveway of a lot used for single-family purposes. Such parking shall only occur with such a permit and shall only be permitted for a period not to exceed ten (10) days in any consecutive thirty (30) day period. Approval shall be requested by calling the Community Development Department Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Information regarding the temporary parking will be reviewed and the resident-owner will be notified.
Storage of Unlicensed VehiclesIt shall be unlawful to leave or possess on any lot in the Village any trailer, semi-trailer, truck, automobile or major parts thereof, which vehicle or parts thereof are not licensed by the State of Illinois for the current year.
Vehicle StorageNo commercial vehicle exceeding nine (9) feet in height or a length exceeding twenty (20) feet, shall be parked, stored or located on any single family residential lot except when making a delivery or rendering a service at such premises.