Public Comment

PUBLIC COMMENTThe Mayor and Village Board value community input and look forward to hearing from you on agenda items.  Near the beginning of every Regular Board Meeting, there is an opportunity for the public to comment on items that are on the agenda and items that are not on the agenda.  Simply complete a comment card located at the staff table before the meeting begins.
Guideline & Tips
  • When your name is called, step to the podium and speak clearly into the microphone.  Please be advised that each speaker’s testimony is being recorded.
  • Give your name and address.
  • Remember that your comments are limited to three minutes.  Make sure you have time for your most important points. 
  • Speakers are strongly encouraged to write their remarks down and submit them to the Village Clerk.  Try not to repeat what others have said, but highlight those issues that have not been already raised.
  • If more than five (5) speakers wish to speak on the same topic and hold the same position, pick one or two spokesperson(s) and have all those who agree raise their hands.
  • All comments should be addressed to the Presiding Officer, not individual Board members, staff or members of the audience.
  • Questions will usually not be answered during a speakers turn at the podium, but may be addressed by the Village Administrator at the end of the public comment period.
  • Most issues have multiple solutions.  Offer constructive suggestions and listen to what the other side has to say.

Electronic Public Comment – A Convenient Alternative to In-person Testimony

If you cannot attend the meeting, you may comment electronically by submitting an electronic public comment form.  Your unedited comments and any attachments or other supporting materials will become part of the official meeting record as public testimony.  If your comments are submitted before 4:00 p.m. on the day of the Regular Board meeting, your comments will be distributed to the Mayor and Village Board and appropriate staff prior to the Regular Board Meeting that evening as well as included in the meeting Minutes.  Comments submitted without a name, and address and/or email address will not be included in the public record.

Agenda Item Public Comments
Email the Village Board with a public comment about an agenda item. The email subject line is "Agenda Item Public Comment."

General Public Comments
Email the Village Board with a general public comment. The email subject line is "General Public Comment."