Severe Weather

Storm Ready CommunityNational Weather Service re-certified Woodridge as a Storm Read Community in 2015. Our Village maintains this status by providing weather presentations to community organizations along with business and homeowners groups on an annual basis. The Village has implemented policies and safety measures that are in compliance with National Weather Service guidelines and recommendations.
Weather SirensWeather sirens are activated when reports of severe weather, possible tornado touchdowns, and other weather conditions that are a risk to the public’s safety are received. Trained weather spotters use equipment and different techniques to identify sources of severe weather systems and predict storm patterns in order to determine the need for activating siren warning systems. Residents are encouraged to go inside and tune in to local media for more information when the sirens are activated.

The safest approach is to be proactive and use all of the information available to protect yourself and your family from threatening weather. Nothing can replace common sense. If a storm is approaching, the lightning alone is a threat. Sirens are only one part of a warning system that includes preparation, NOAA Weather Radio, and local media.
Emergency Preparedness ResourcesThe Village of Woodridge regularly disseminates severe weather and emergency preparedness information through a variety of communication outlets, including the Village's quarterly newsletter, social media, and E-news. Below we have provided some useful links to learn how to prepare your family, home, and children for a severe weather or emergency event.