Electric Aggregation Program


The Village of Woodridge does not currently have an Electric Aggregation contract or program. For information about the most-recent electric aggregation contract and program, please see below.

The Village of Woodridge’s contract with Eligo Energy ended with the September 2022 electric bills.  Beginning in October 2022, any customers enrolled in Eligo’s program will have reverted back to ComEd.  These customers should have received a letter from ComEd alerting them to this change.  With the conclusion of this contract, private energy providers may take the opportunity to solicit  business.  Please be reminded that commercial solicitors, including energy solicitors, must submit an application and complete a background check in order to be registered as a solicitor in the Village.

The Village requires solicitors to have their badge on their person and visible when soliciting. Commercial Solicitors are limited to the hours of Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m and no solicitation on Sundays or Holidays. Suspicious individuals who cannot provide proof of solicitor registration or those soliciting outside of the approved hours should be reported immediately by calling 911. Although the Village registers solicitors, we do not endorse or support the company or product being solicited. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints regarding the business practices of a soliciting business please contact the Better Business Bureau at (312) 832-0500 or the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s office at (800) 386-5438.


Following a competitive bid process, the Village of Woodridge selected an electric aggregation program with Chicago-based Eligo Energy. The Village received multiple bids, but all pricing was above the ComEd rate. The Village chose to engage in a new green program in which no customer would pay more than ComEd rate. Depending on usage characteristics, some accounts were served by ComEd, while others were served by Eligo.  Residents and small business owners paid the ComEd rate and enjoyed the added benefit of 50% Green Energy via Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) at zero added cost. The term for this program was one year, beginning October 2021 and ending October 2022. For the first time, the Village was designated as an EPA Green Power Partner Community.