SEPTEMBER 2022 Electric Aggregation UPDATE

The Village of Woodridge’s contract with Eligo Energy ends with the September electric bills.  Beginning in October, any customers enrolled in Eligo’s program will revert back to ComEd.  These customers should expect to receive a letter from ComEd alerting them to this change.  With the conclusion of this contract, private energy providers may take the opportunity to solicit your business.  Please be reminded that commercial solicitors, including energy solicitors, must submit an application and complete a background check in order to be registered as a solicitor in the Village.

The Village requires solicitors to have their badge on their person and visible when soliciting. Commercial Solicitors are limited to the hours of Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m and no solicitation on Sundays or Holidays. Suspicious individuals who cannot provide proof of solicitor registration or those soliciting outside of the approved hours should be reported immediately by calling 911. Although the Village registers solicitors, we do not endorse or support the company or product being solicited. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints regarding the business practices of a soliciting business please contact the Better Business Bureau at (312) 832-0500 or the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s office at (800) 386-5438.

OCTOBER 2021-SEPTEMBER 2022 Electric Aggregation PROGRAM

Following a competitive bid process, the Village of Woodridge selected an electric aggregation program with Chicago-based Eligo Energy. Residents and small business owners will pay exactly the ComEd rate and enjoy the added benefit of 50% Green Energy via Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) at zero added cost. The term is for one year, beginning October 2021 and ending October 2022. The Village will be designated, for the first time, as an EPA Green Power Partner Community. There are zero added fees.

The Village received multiple bids, but all pricing was above the ComEd rate. The Village chose to engage in a new green program in which no customer will ever pay more than ComEd rate. Depending on usage characteristics, some accounts will be served by ComEd, while others will be served by Eligo. The net effect is identical to all and for zero added cost, the program provides 50% Green Energy, also enabling the village to receive a Civic Contribution for local projects. To learn how Green Energy works, visit www.tinyurl.com/GreenEPA.

Just as in previous programs, ratepayers may choose to opt out. Eligo will purchase 50% green for the Village on behalf of all ratepayers in the Woodridge Aggregation Community, whether served by ComEd or Eligo. All will pay exactly the same ComEd rate, including ComEd’s monthly variable PEA component.

Notices were mailed to residents and small businesses on August 11, 2021.

  • Green Aggregation notice: Ratepayer will be automatically enrolled with Eligo Energy at their October meter read date unless they take action to opt out per instructions in the notice. In September, they will receive a second letter from ComEd confirming your enrollment with Eligo.
  • Informative Only or Opt-In notice: Ratepayer will remain with the individual contract they have already selected unless they choose to leave that contract and take action to enroll with Eligo Energy Services. Per regulation, there is never an early termination fee to switch from any supplier.
  • Return to ComEd Service notice: (this is a small group) Ratepayer is currently enrolled with supplier Constellation but will be moved back to ComEd. They need do nothing; are still considered a part of the program. In September they can expect to receive a second letter from ComEd confirming their return to ComEd.

Whether remaining with ComEd or enrolling with Eligo Energy, all residents are considered members of the Village of Woodridge Green / Renewable Aggregation Program Community.

Program Benefits:
  • Guaranteed at the ComEd rate, with no risk of ever paying more than the ComEd rate
  • No hidden fees, no additional monthly fee
  • Maximum flexibility to join or leave the program, and never an enrollment or switch fee
  • Village is eligible to receive a civic contribution at zero added cost
  • Village earns designation, for the first time, as an EPA Green Power Partner Community

No one from Eligo Energy, ComEd, or the Village of Woodridge will ever visit your home or call you to enroll. If a solicitor claims to be either the Village supplier, Eligo Energy, or ComEd, please take their information and report the incident to the ICC at www.icc.illinois.gov/complaints. Never reveal your ComEd account number or allow a solicitor to view your ComEd bill unless you are certain you wish to enroll with that supplier and have read all terms and conditions.

For specific questions about your own electric account, call our aggregation program supplier, Eligo Energy, at 630-413-0761. If you have any special issues or complications, please reach out to the Village’s electric aggregation consultant at sdurling@NIMEC.net or 312-751-2202.  The Illinois Commerce Commission provides additional information about energy deregulation in Illinois and energy supply choices at www.pluginillinois.org. To report an electrical outage, or for questions pertaining to your ComEd bill, always call ComEd at 800-334-7661.

Common Questions Regarding Electrical Aggregation

How do I enroll?

During the initial three-week opt out period you need do nothing if you received an opt out notice. You will be automatically enrolled unless you take action to opt out. If you received a different notice, informing of “Return to ComEd” or “Informative Only,” you still need do nothing. Read the detail in the notice mailed directly to your ComEd billing address. 

Why are some accounts at ComEd and some at Eligo Energy?
First, there is no difference to you: the price is exactly the same. Suppliers analyze every meter: depending on complex usage patterns, certain accounts are selected to remain at ComEd and others switch to Eligo Energy. All pay the exact same rate. There are no additional fees.
I'm located within Woodridge, have switched to another supplier, but would like to join. Can I? 

Yes, Call or email Eligo Energy at 630-413-0761 or Woodridge@eligoenergy.com and provide your ComEd account number. Effective 1/1/2020, no supplier may charge a termination fee to switch.

I receive many phone calls and door-to-door solicitors offering me a chance to save money or mention they are buying the company that currently provides my energy. What should I do?
Residents are encouraged to be aware of other electric supply companies that will be soliciting door-to-door in an attempt to signup customers for electric supply with their company. Please note that Eligo is the only company providing electricity supply through the Village’s aggregation program. Residents are strongly encouraged to thoroughly examine any contract proposed by a supplier before entering into it. Also, do not show any electric supply company your bill; you might hear that someone needs to see your bill to see if you’re eligible for a credit or that they can save you money. The Village has heard of companies taking your account information and transferring services without your approval.

Further – residents can enroll in the Do Not Call registry (www.donotcall.gov). This should help eliminate phone calls from all solicitors, including energy suppliers.
What is the ComEd rate?
The annualized base ComEd rate is 7.127¢ per kWh plus a monthly variable Purchased Electricity Adjustment (PEA), which can be up to +/- 0.5¢. For more information about the ComEd rate, visit www.pluginillinois.org. Customer Choice has been beneficial to Illinois ratepayers; the ComEd rate was over 9¢ per kWh in 2010.
Why is this an "opt out" program; why not an "opt in" program?
In 2009, Governor Quinn signed into law the ability for municipalities to enter into an opt out aggregation program. Communities could negotiate on behalf of individual residents. Voters in the Village of Woodridge have since passed a referendum enabling the program.
Will I get two bills, one from ComEd and another from the new supplier?
ComEd continues to bill for electric supply, delivery and taxes. ComEd delivers electricity and will continue to bill you, but no longer supplies it.
If I'm automatically enrolled, can I leave the program?
Yes, and you’ll never be charged a termination fee.
I'm enrolled in a low-income assistance program. Will I still receive those benefits?
If you currently receive assistance via PIPP or LIHEAP, your status will not be affected.
Does the program impact my ComEd budget billing or auto-payment plan?
The way you pay your ComEd bill does not change.
Is the energy generated from any renewable /green energy sources?
RECs, which are the sole currency of the green energy market, will represent 100% of power consumed. They will be sourced from wind generators located in the Midwest.

The US EPA states that because power supply is provided to ratepayers from a massive grid shared across many communities, “There is no way to distinguish the exact source that your electricity came from. RECs, the currency of the renewable energy market, allow you to claim that the electricity you use came from a renewable resource with low or zero emissions.” To learn how RECs work, visit www.tinyurl.com/GreenEPA.

What happens if I move?
If you remain within Village of Woodridge limits, call Eligo Energy to re-enroll at your new address. Residents moving into the community may participate by calling 630-413-0761.
Is Renewable Energy included in the program?
Yes! Your supply is offset with 50% Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), enabling the Village, for the first time, to be designated an EPA Green Power Partner Community.
Why support renewable wind generation resources?
For the ten years ending 2017, coal-based generation in the US has been reduced 40% whereas wind-based generation has increased by 638%. Wind energy helps to reduce carbon footprint. This program achieves a strategic objective of the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Greenest Region Compact.