Electric Aggregation Program

JUNE 2019 Electric Aggregation UPDATE
  • The rate negotiated with Constellation is $0.07517/kWh through October 2021.
  • One hundred percent of our community's energy is carbon-free, meaning Constellation matches all of your energy usage with emission-free energy certificates from a generating source that does not directly produce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The fixed-rate contract provides price certainty for the entirety of the term.
  • Beginning in June 2019 - ComEd price-to-compare is expected to be lower than the price offered through community aggregation.
  • ComEd's price to compare fluctuates seasonally and will be reset to an unknown rate in January 2020.
  • The negotiated agreement includes the ability to switch suppliers or return to the utility at any time without incurring a termination fee. Other suppliers may charge a penalty. For more information residents should use Constellation’s 24-hour customer service number 1-844-252-4216 or online at www.constellation.com/ilwillcounty.
  • Woodridge is currently part of the Will County Governmental League Electric Aggregation Group. The group consists of communities in Will County that have come together in order to levy purchasing power for a lower electric supply rate.
  • Woodridge has participated since 2011, at which time the community elected to participate in the program through a referendum question placed on the ballot.

Common Questions Regarding Electrical Aggregation

Why Constellation Energy? Why not stay with Dynegy Energy as the electric supplier?

At the end of July, the Will County Governmental League Electrical Aggregation Group met for a bid opening. There were three bids received from AEG, Constellation and Dynegy. The Constellation Energy price was the lowest amount bid with all participating communities unanimously selecting this as the energy supplier.

What happens next? How do I enroll or un-enroll with Constellation Energy?
If you wish to find an alternate energy supplier or go with ComEd, you can opt-out by calling (888) 252-4216 or visiting www.constellation.com/il-willcounty

*NOTE: You can opt-out at any time during the course of the contract.

If you currently have ComEd or another supplier, you will receive an “Opt-In” letter in the mail. Please be aware of any contracts you might currently be in and if there is a penalty to terminate your contract to opt-in. This would best be done by contacting your energy supplier directly.
Where can I get more information?

 www.constellation.com/il-willcounty provides residents the ability to opt-in and opt-out online. Also an updated Electrical Aggregation FAQ can be found below.

I receive many phone calls and door-to-door solicitors offering me a chance to save money or mention they are buying the company that currently provides my energy. What should I do?
Residents are encouraged to be aware of other electric supply companies that will be soliciting door-to-door in an attempt to signup customers for electric supply with their company. Please note that Constellation Energy is the only company providing electricity supply through the Village’s aggregation program. Residents are strongly encouraged to thoroughly examine any contract proposed by a supplier before entering into it. Also, do not show any electric supply company your bill; you might hear that someone needs to see your bill to see if you’re eligible for a credit or that they can save you money. The Village has heard of companies taking your account information and transferring services without your approval.

Further – residents can enroll in the Do Not Call registry (www.donotcall.gov). This should help eliminate phone calls from all solicitors, including energy suppliers.

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