How to File Insurance Company Complaints from the June 2021 Tornado

A common concern that the Village continues to hear from residents who suffered property damage from the June 2021 tornado is their disappointment and frustration with their insurance company’s claim handling. For example, some people continue to experience stalled insurance claim adjudication, only partial payments made, adjusters refusing to personally view damage, claim denials, etc. Fortunately, residents can take action by working with the offices of Senator John Curran (41st District) or Representative Avelar (85th District) and the IL Department of Insurance to file a complaint.

To File an Insurance Complaint with Sen. Curran and Rep. Avelar

Anyone with damage from the June 2021 tornado and experiencing claims issues from their insurance company can contact either Senator Curran or Representative Avelar’s office. Both Senator Curran and Representative Avelar can help facilitate the processing of your insurance complaint. The contact information is:

Senator Curran: Phone: (630) 914-5733 | Online email Form:

Representative Avelar: Phone: (815) 372-0085 | email:

To File an Insurance Complaint Directly with the IL Dept. of Insurance

Contact the Illinois Department of Insurance toll-free 866.445.5364, local 312.814.2420, or email at to lodge a formal complaint against the respective insurance companies. Information about how to file a complaint with the IL Department of Insurance is available, as is the website to file a complaint electronically

Additional Information at the Woodridge Public Library

On December 8, 2021, The Village of Woodridge and Woodridge Public Library partnered to host the event Lessons Learned from the Tornado: Insurance Coverage Tips & Information. A portfolio with handouts from this program is available at the Woodridge Library (3 Plaza Drive) circulation desk while supplies last. There are also resources available online, including:

In addition, public adjusters may have a role in the process. Please visit this website for an overview of how public adjusters help in the process: Homeowners & Renters Public Adjusters - Homeowners/Renters Insurance ( The mission of the Illinois Department of Insurance is to protect consumers by ensuring that all entities regulated by IDOI comply with state and federal laws and to educate Illinois consumers about their rights under those laws. Navigating the insurance claim process is complex, and Senator Curran, Representative Avelar, and the Illinois Department of Insurance can help.

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