Woodridge Reforestation Update – October 4, 2021

The Village continues to work toward the many facets of recovery from the Father’s Day Tornado, including its impact on the tree canopy in the community. The current status on tree removal, replacement, and general restoration efforts include: 

Woodridge Drive Debris Site – The Village completed the total clean-up of the temporary debris storage site from the tornado and the first sprouts of grass  are now visible from the restoration.  Free mulch for residents to use on their properties is available at this location, just north of 75th Street.

Tree reforestation update photo 1 10.4.21
(Woodridge residents may use the free mulch for their home. The mulch is located at the Woodridge Drive debris site located just north of 75th Street.)

Parkway Tree Stump Removal
– The Village and its contractor recently completed the stump grinding and restoration of the over 375 locations where parkway trees were lost. 

Parkway Tree Replanting – The Village has placed its order with several nurseries for approximately 200 trees that will be planted in various parkway locations in mid to late October, both in and outside the tornado impact zone.   The Village’s certified arborists and its GIS consultant are in the process of refining the final planting locations to assure an appropriate plan for the diversity of the trees species being planted.  The Village is planning for additional tree planting efforts in 2022 to continue replacing lost trees. Please note there are limitations on where a tree can be planted, as it cannot go exactly where the previous existing stump was located, as it would restrict the growth of the new trees’ roots.  Additionally, it includes identifying other limiting factors, including underground and above ground utilities, sightline issues, and other site constraints to give the new tree the best possible chance of survival.  The final locations will be marked before a JULIE locate is called to confirm there are no conflicting utilities to allow for a safe excavation.

Tree reforestation update photo 3 10.4.21
(A Woodridge Public Works staff member waters a newly planted tree. Woodridge is a proud Tree City USA community by the Arbor Day Foundation.)

Private Property Tree Replanting – The Morton Arboretum will be donating 100 trees in spring of 2022 to Woodridge residents who lost private trees due to the tornado.   The Village has also recently submitted an application to the National Arbor Day Foundation requesting their support to provide additional trees that can be planted by homeowners who lost trees due to the tornado.

For residents who will be moving forward with planting new trees on their property right away, the Morton Arboretum as resources residents can review regarding appropriate species selection and proper planting guidance at https://mortonarb.org/.  Before digging, always make sure to call JULIE at 811 (or online at https://www.illinois1call.com/click-before-you-dig-using-e-request/) to make sure there are no underground utilities in the area you plan to dig. 

The Village will be sharing more information on all of these important reforestation and restoration efforts as work progresses.