Village of Woodridge Electrical Aggregation: The Village is Going Green! 

April 27, 2022 IMPORTANT UDPATE:
Due to recent changes in the power market, Eligo has made the decision to move some ratepayers from Eligo to ComEd.  Those customers will receive a letter from ComEd acknowledging that they are now ComEd customers.  Unfortunately, because of issues with the timing of bill cycles and the expiration of the old Constellation agreement, some customers will first receive a letter from ComEd stating that they are being moved to Constellation, and then will receive a letter stating that they are being moved to ComEd.  Please disregard the letter related to Constellation.  If you have any questions, please call Sharon Durling at 312-751-2202.

On August 11, Woodridge mailed to residents and small businesses at their ComEd billing address regarding the renewal of our Electric Aggregation Program with Chicago-based Eligo Energy for 12 months ending October 2022. You need do nothing to participate unless you have your own contract with another supplier, in which case you must take action to enroll.

Please note: this program varies from our previous programs in that some residents will be served by ComEd and others will be enrolled with Eligo. The net effect is identical for all: never more than the ComEd rate, and whether served by Eligo or ComEd, you will be considered a participant of the Woodridge Green Aggregation Community. Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) matching 50 percent of the Village’s historical consumption volume will be purchased, enabling the Village to be designated an EPA Green Power Partner Community—at zero added cost to residents and the Village! Visit

Review your notice carefully, as ratepayers will receive different notices depending, for example, on whether you’ve already enrolled with another supplier or if your account will remain with ComEd. Some accounts remain at ComEd and others will enroll with Eligo. All pay the same rate and have no risk of ever paying more than ComEd. There is never a termination fee to vacate the program at any time. Call Eligo with questions at 630-413-0761.

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