Woodridge Reforestation Efforts

August 2021 Updates

While the Father’s Day tornado that impacted Woodridge was devastating in so many ways, one visible impact has certainly been on the wooded nature of that area of the community.   Even during the initial phase of the clean up, the Village has been working toward the plans for replacing the over 300 parkway trees that were lost along with helping residents with reforestation for the countless private property trees as well.

Parkway Tree Stump Removal – The Village is completing a bid for stump grinding of the trees that had been lost and the contract for this work will be considered by the Mayor and Board at the August 19th Board meeting with work anticipated to start in September with parkway restoration following the stump grinding.  

Parkway Tree Assessment – The Village’s consultant Davey Tree began a re-inventory of the tornado impacted zone on August 9th to assess the remaining parkway trees for potential health concerns and to confirm the species of the trees that were lost and to help in identifying replanting locations.  The goal being diverse replanting plan of different species of trees in the parkways throughout the entire community.  

Parkway Tree Replant
ing – As a part of the assessment with Davey Tree and Village staff, viable locations for replanting of parkway trees are also being identified. The Village will be beginning replacement with the planting of new parkway trees in the fall with additional trees planned for 2022. Please note there are limitations on where a tree can be planted, as it cannot go exactly where the previous existing stump was located, as it would restrict the growth of the new trees’ roots.  Additionally, it includes identifying other limiting factors including underground and above ground utilities, sight line issues, and other site constraints in order to give the new tree the best possible chance of survival.  


Private Property Tree Replanting – The Village has been in discussions with various outside agencies to assist with private property replanting efforts.  In order to assist in this effort, the Morton Arboretum will be donating 100 trees in spring of 2022 to Woodridge residents who lost private trees due to the tornado.   More information on the Arboretum’s efforts can be found in this press release, including the link to sign up. For residents who are going to be moving forward with planting new trees on their property right away, the Morton Arboretum has resources residents can review regarding appropriate species selection as well as proper planting guidance at https://mortonarb.org/.  Before digging always make sure to call JULIE at 811 (or online at https://www.illinois1call.com/click-before-you-dig-using-e-request/) to make sure there are no underground utilities in the area you plan to dig. 

Morton Arboretum Tornado Recovery Tree Request Form - The Morton Arboretum is working in coordination with the Chicago Region Trees Initiative (CRTI) and Woodridge to provide free trees to private landowners who lost trees during the June 20, 2021 tornado. If you own private property in one of these locations, you may be eligible to receive a free tree to plant on your property. Only landowners who lost a tree due to the tornado are eligible to apply. Trees will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Completing the form does not guarantee receiving a tree. Qualified property owners will be notified of their successful registration by email after the sign-up deadline at the end of October. 

The Village will be sharing more information on all of these important reforestation efforts as work progresses.

Tree city usa centenial projecct 8.9.21
Woodridge is proud to be a Tree City USA Community from the Arbor Day Foundation for more than 30 years.