Fire Hydrant & Valve Exercising Program

fIRE HYDRANT EXERCISING & INSPECTION PROGRAM TAKING PLACE THROUGH JUNE 28, 2024The Village of Woodridge Public Works Department will be conducting its annual fire hydrant exercising and inspection program from May 16, 2024, through June 28, 2024, weather permitting.

The Village exercises and inspects all of its hydrants on a regular basis in order to remove any accumulation of sediment and other deposits that exist in the water main, to improve the quality of water for the customers, and to ensure all hydrants are functioning properly. Residents may temporarily experience some discolored water and low water pressure. If this should occur, residents should remove and clean any aerators; then run cold water for at least 5 minutes or until the line clears. 

The Village will post signs in the immediate area of flushing prior to these events. As a reminder, State Law prohibits parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. 

The Village is dedicated to providing water that is clean and safe to use. Educational material regarding water quality including the water quality report, lead in drinking water facts, and water conservation, can be found on the Village of Woodridge’s Public Works page here.

Additional questions regarding the Woodridge Fire Hydrant Exercising & Inspection Program should be directed to the Public Works Department at 630-719-4753.