Lock Your Car - That's the Key

lock emoji car emoji key emoji thumbs up emojilock your car - that's the keyMotor vehicle burglaries continue to increase in the Chicago suburbs, and Woodridge is no exception. The "Lock Your Car - That's the Key" campaign seeks to encourage people to lock their car, close their windows, and remove valuables from vehicles. The campaign features social media outreach, signage, and collaboration with local organizations to help convey the importance of locking vehicles to prevent motor vehicle burglaries.

Burglary from a motor vehicle is a felony offense, and the FBI's Uniform Crime Report considers it a Part I crime that includes very serious crimes like thefts, assaults, and homicides. These are some key statistics:
  • 88 percent: the increase in burglary from motor vehicle crimes that occurred in Woodridge from 2015-2016.
  • 63 percent: percentage of Woodridge burglary from motor vehicle victims who indicated they did not lock their car
"The 'Lock Your Car - That's the Key' campaign serves as a reminder that locking your car is a vital and easy way to prevent a motor vehicle burglary," said Chief of Police Brian Cunningham. "The numbers are clear that locking your car prevents burglaries. I'm hopeful this campaign encourages people to preemptively reduce the chance of becoming a victim and lowers the amount of motor vehicle burglaries in Woodridge."