Autism Recognition & At-Risk Resident Program

WPD Autism Logo 2022Program Background
Woodridge police officers respond to a wide variety of emergencies. We make every effort to respond using best practices and sound protocols. As first responders, we must quickly assess situations and react in a manner that is safe for everyone involved. A critical component to our response is obtaining background information prior to our arrival - especially when at-risk people are involved. As a department, we engage in specialized training in autism spectrum awareness and now we are taking it a step further by launching our Autism Recognition Alert Program. In addition, the At-Risk Resident Program assists the Woodridge Police Department to help people that may need special assistance, such as the elderly or special needs individuals. 

How Does the Autism Recognition Alert Program Work?
Family members and/or caregivers register people with autism or at risk residents with the Woodridge Police Department. The registration form includes a photo, physical description, emergency contact information, and any information that would assist officers with de-escalation techniques. Officers can access this information in a database accessible in a police cruiser and at the Woodridge Police Station.

The information will assist officers with early recognition, parent/guardian reunification and overall safety. In addition, the Woodridge Police Department will provide an identification card that people with autism or special needs can present during a police encounter. The ID card will identify the individual as a person with autism or special needs and include their emergency contact information.

Program Goals
By taking a proactive approach, our goal is to establish relationships with at-risk people and those on the autism spectrum, their family members, and caregivers. An active partnership will help reduce the anxiety people with autism or special needs experience with everyday police encounters and during critical incidents. This program will also help improve police officer awareness and response to people with autism and special needs.

How to Enroll
Please download this Autism Awareness Form or the At-Risk Resident Form and submit it to the Woodridge Police Department. To make the registration process convenient, there are two options available to submit the form.  Please make sure to print legibly or type the forms to ensure accuracy.

1) Email: Please complete the form, save it, and attach a photograph to the email. Please email the completed application to
2) In-person: Print out the form and bring a photograph of the enrollee to the Woodridge Police Department located at 1 Plaza Drive, Woodridge, IL 60517. The Records Department front desk will be able to assist.