Neighborhood Inspection Program

The Neighborhood Inspection Program’s purpose is to maintain the quality of life in Woodridge through an annual code enforcement inspection. Code enforcement benefits our community by helping to maintain quality residential and business properties. The program is a result of feedback from residents through multiple sources, including Community Needs Surveys, Quality Community Task Force meetings, and Town Meetings. An important community goal is to maintain the quality of life in Woodridge and ensure that properties meet basic criteria for upkeep.

How the Neighborhood Inspection Program Operates
Code inspectors drive through every block within the Village each spring and identify property maintenance opportunities that encourage reinvestment. The Community Development Department will send letters to the property owners identifying the repair or maintenance item(s). The letter includes the code inspector’s contact information should there be any questions. Some of the common Neighborhood Inspection code violations are:

  • Fences in disrepair
  • Dead trees
  • Accumulation of rubbish/garbage
  • Driveway in need of maintenance
  • Garbage cans stored in front of the property
  • Painting needed on outdoor wood surfaces
  • Christmas lights displayed too long
  • Missing address on a house

Frequent Notice of Violations Issues
In addition, code inspectors will note the following items during the Neighborhood Inspection Program and will follow up with property owners. Rather than receive a Neighborhood Inspection program letter, the property owners will receive a Notice of Violation with a compliance date.

  • Inoperable/unlicensed motor vehicles
  • Work without permit
  • Issues relating to boats, trailers, RV’s,
  • Tall grass and weeds over eight inches
The Neighborhood Inspection Programs helps people join their neighbors in improving the quality of life in Woodridge neighborhoods.

Neighborhood inspection program - Residential 2018-2022 (2)

The median number of residential code cases generated over the past five years from the Neighborhood Inspection Program is 552.

Neighborhood inspection program - Commercial 2018-2022 (1)

The median number of commercial code cases generated over the past five years from the Neighborhood Inspection Program is 44.

How to Submit a Code Enforcement Request
Fill out this online form to submit information to the Code Enforcement team. Please call the Community Development Department at 630-719-4750 for any questions about code enforcement.