Permits FAQ

Why do I need a final inspection?

Do I have any open permits on my home?

Do I need a permit for my roof?

I'm replacing the siding and gutters on my house. Is a permit required?

I need new windows. Is a permit required?

What inspections do I need for my deck permit?

What inspections do I need for my patio permit?

What are the major reasons my deck and/or patio fail inspections?

Do I need a permit for a new air conditioner/furnace or water heater?

Why did my air conditioner/furnace or water heater fail my final inspection?

It's summer, I want to install a pool.  What do I need to do?

I'm installing a new fence or replacing my existing fence in the same location. Do I need a permit?

What is a plat of survey?

I need work done on my home. Can the Village of Woodridge recommend a contractor for me?

Where can I find permit applications and additional handouts?