Latex Paint Disposal & Recycling

LATEX PAINT DISPOSAL & RECYCLINGLatex paint is not accepted at the Naperville Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Facility. 

Latex paint can be disposed of in your regular garbage if properly prepared.  First allow the paint to thoroughly dry.  Ideally, the paint should be transferred to plastic bags so the rinsed empty paint containers can be recycled.  The paint may be air dried, but adding cat litter, oil dry, sawdust or another absorbent material will greatly speed this process.  Once dry, the paint may be disposed of with your house refuse.  If you let the paint dry in its original container, be sure to leave the lid off so the waste collection driver can see the paint has been dried.

Recycle Latex Paint at DuPage County

DuPage County has suspended the Latex Paint Recycling Program in 2019. Several local Ace Hardware stores have partnered with Epaint to provide collection of latex based paints for a fee. Please visit the Epaint website for more information and pricing. The DuPage County Latex Paint Recycling Program may return in 2020, but in the interim, please visit the DuPage County Green Initiatives website for information about how to handle unwanted paint.