Curbside Recycling Program

CURBSIDE RECYCLING PROGRAMThe Village has supplied each household with one recycling bin and additional bins may be purchased from Groot by calling 888-485-0900, or at Village Hall, 5 Plaza Drive, Woodridge. Larger wheeled recycling toters are also available through Groot. There is no limit to the number of recycling bins that can be set at the curb, but crushing cans, cardboard and plastic will help save space.  Bins can be no larger than 20 gallons.

There is no special way to arrange recyclables in the container, but care should be taken so items do not fly or drop out. Items must be visible and cannot be placed in plastic bags. Only materials on the approved recycling list will be accepted, and all items should be rinsed and free of food or any other non-recyclable material.

Any non-recyclable material put in the recycling bin will be left in the container at the curb. For full details of the recycling program and the acceptable items list, refer to your Groot Brochure. The more you recycle, the more money you save!
Before You Recycle, Find Out if You Can DonateThere are many organizations that accept donations of reusable items to benefit individuals, charitable causes and the community.  Goodwill, DuPage County Convalescent Center, veterans' groups and many others accept clothing and household items.  Habitat for Humanity accepts building supplies, household goods and furniture.  S.C.A.R.C.E. accepts books and school supplies for underfunded classrooms.  Visit the Village's Donation pageDuPage County, or call Public Works at (630) 719-4753 for information on these and other organizations where items can be donated.  Always check with the organization to make sure it accepts the items you wish to donate and be sure all items are clean and in usable condition.
Recycling GuideFor up to date information on recycling and donating, visit the DuPage County website.