New GROOT Program FAQ's

The Village has entered into a new five-year contract with Groot that will begin on September 1, 2024. Through this new program, stickers will no longer be used for refuse and yard waste. Instead, customers can benefit from unlimited flat-rate collection of refuse, recycling, and yard waste. Groot will provide customers with new refuse and recycling containers. These containers are currently on display at Village Hall for anyone interested in viewing the sample sizes. Three sizes will be available for customers 35 gal. (small), 65 gal. (medium), and 95 gal. (large) and can be selected during registration. 

Please note that registration is not currently open for this program, but is coming soon! Residents will receive their new Groot Refuse and Recycling Brochure in the mail with more information about this program and how to sign up.  Stay tuned!

New Program Highlights:
  • Unlimited flat-rate collection of refuse, recycling, and yard waste
  • Stickers will no longer be used for refuse or yard waste
  • Groot will provide customers with refuse and recycling containers based on pre-picked selections (see sample sizes on display inside Village Hall)
  • Clean-up week is scheduled for the fall, during the week of October 1, 2024
  • Six weeks (formerly four) of free leaf collection beginning on November 1
  • 15% Senior discount rate will apply to seniors 65 and older
  • Optional composting program
Refuse Cart Size Options on Display in Village Hall Lobby:
groot toters on display

new GROOT Program FAQ's

Why is the Village eliminating the garbage sticker program?

What is the cost of this new program and how do I sign up?

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Will there be a special pick-up for my Christmas Tree?

Will the new program include Composting?

What do I do with Groot Stickers after September 1?

Will the new Groot Program impact my current collection day?

I am a current flat rate customer; do I need to make any changes to my current account?

I am a flat rate customer who owns their own refuse cart, what do I do with it?

I am a flat rate customer who owns their own refuse cart, can I continue to use that cart and not have a new cart issued to me?

How do I dispose of a bulk item?

Can I share garbage services with my neighbor?

I am a sticker customer, what if I do not want to sign up for garbage service with Groot?

Can a customer request that their bill be sent monthly or does it have to be a quarterly bill?

What are the dimensions of the toter sizes?