Clean-Up Day (Amnesty Day)

CLEAN-UP DAY (AMNESTY DAY)On your regular collection day during the first full week of October (October 3 through October 7, 2022), customers of Groot's single family garbage collection service are allowed to dispose of an unlimited amount of refuse, furniture, carpeting, bulky items and just plain junk.

All items must be properly bundled, bagged and otherwise prepared for pick-up as they would on any regular collection day. A total of five (5) stickers are required and must be displayed (garbage cans included) on items that you would normally tag - all five stickers can be placed on one item, such as the garbage can.  Any additional items will be picked up without stickers.  Remember that often people will come through town in advance of Groot to take items they would like to repurpose, so please avoid placing stickers on items that might get taken prior to the Groot collection.  No stickers are required of residents who use the toter service and are billed directly through Groot. Building materials, railroad ties, tires, hazardous waste and yardwaste are not included in this program. Electronics items (anything with a plug) are prohibited from landfills and cannot be picked up as part of the Clean-Up Day (Amnesty Day) program. If you have any questions, please call 630-719-2905.