Additional Item Disposal Information

You may dispose of large items (furniture, bulky toys, bikes and anything else that does not fit into a container or bag) by attaching 3 refuse stickers to each large item and putting it out on your regular collection day. This does not include appliances (see section on " White Goods") or items over 6 feet in length.  Advance scheduling must be done through Groot at 888-485-0900.
Disposal of Construction and Remodeling MaterialsMaterials (such as carpeting or scrap lumber) must be bundled and securely tied in lengths no longer than 4 feet and 2 feet in diameter and weigh no more than 60 pounds. Materials put into containers should be no higher than the top of the container. Each bundle or container must have one refuse sticker attached. For larger amounts of construction or remodeling debris, contact Groot at 888-485-0900.
TIRESCall Groot at 888-485-0900 the day before your regular pick-up to inform them you will be placing tires out for collection.  Tires must be on rims.  One sticker must be attached to each tire. 
WHITE GOODSThe Illinois EPA prohibits the disposal into landfills of any items that contain chloroflourocarbon (CFC) refrigerant gases and other environmental contaminants. These items are termed "white goods" and include refrigerators, washers & dryers, freezers, air conditioners, dishwashers, furnaces, etc. Residents must call Groot at 888-485-0900 48 hours in advance and advise that the white good is being placed for collection. The cost of this removal is $40.00 per white good. The charge for removal is the cost associated with bringing the appliances to a facility to have the contaminants removed.


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