2021 Tornado Debris Management


Village sponsored clean-up programs have ended.

All residents are able to continue to participate in the  yard waste (landscape) collection options through the Garbage Hauler - Groot. 

Dunham Road Right of Way Clean-Up
The Final Village Clean-up effort is the removal of downed or damaged tree limbs and trees on the Village owned Dunham Road Right of Way north of 83rd Street to Ides Grove West Park.  This clean-up is anticipated to be completed in November 2021.

Debris and Refuse Management
The Village had created an online map which specifically identified the properties and Woodridge boundaries of those affected by the June 20 tornado. The map indicates sections of towns who are either on the Thursday or Friday regular waste collection pick-up schedule.  

View online map here


Storm debris is defined as household items damaged (i.e. patio furniture, trampolines); construction materials (siding, roofing, drywall, treated lumber); fencing; sheds and shed contents; garage doors. Storm debris does not include tree/landscape debris (branches, limbs, tree trunks, stumps, etc).

TREE/LANDSCAPE DEBRIS: Woody debris from trees including tree branches and trunks.
Many tree contractors are responsible for removing tree debris as part of the private property tree removal contract. Residents should review any documents and hold their contractor responsible to the terms of the agreement, specifically regarding debris removal.